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2 become 1
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Friday, 10 June 2011

My private collection towards Royal Wedding souvenirs.

My private collection of royal wedding souvenir. 

Like I mention before will be back soon, so this task for today morning is inventory for packing purpose.  I will not talked about all my stuff like cloth, book or handbag  but  will talked about my private collection of royal wedding souvenir. 

Souvenir of  during Duke of Cambridge (Prince William & Kate )

 I just loved this lovely trinket box! Sorry mom not for you but for me!

Since last year word 'Royal wedding' had gave significant impact to our modern live due to it's similarities to cinderella story.Normal girl falled in love with prince and had gorgeous wedding which being watched by thousand of people around the globe.So since last 2 years I'm being collecting all plate and mugs that related to Princess diana which most of them bought from carboot sale and ebay. Normal price for plate is around £ 5 and mugs is £ 3,like I said bought it from carboot so I will bargain it for cheaper deal. Hopefully my mom will liked this present that I prepare for her.Can't wait to see her face reaction must be priceless!! 

Here , my collection of Princess Diana wedding plate and mugs.-(most of them belong to my mom's)

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