2 become 1

2 become 1
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Friday, 10 June 2011

My private collection towards Royal Wedding souvenirs.

My private collection of royal wedding souvenir. 

Like I mention before will be back soon, so this task for today morning is inventory for packing purpose.  I will not talked about all my stuff like cloth, book or handbag  but  will talked about my private collection of royal wedding souvenir. 

Souvenir of  during Duke of Cambridge (Prince William & Kate )

 I just loved this lovely trinket box! Sorry mom not for you but for me!

Since last year word 'Royal wedding' had gave significant impact to our modern live due to it's similarities to cinderella story.Normal girl falled in love with prince and had gorgeous wedding which being watched by thousand of people around the globe.So since last 2 years I'm being collecting all plate and mugs that related to Princess diana which most of them bought from carboot sale and ebay. Normal price for plate is around £ 5 and mugs is £ 3,like I said bought it from carboot so I will bargain it for cheaper deal. Hopefully my mom will liked this present that I prepare for her.Can't wait to see her face reaction must be priceless!! 

Here , my collection of Princess Diana wedding plate and mugs.-(most of them belong to my mom's)

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Laundry..Oh laundry

For past 3 years or almost stafford had serves me beautifully as my hometown a.k.a kampung, but I'm will back to bayan baru this coming bulan puasa, EXCITED!!. And I also being working as ' floor engineer'  at local launderettes  in Weston Road, Stafford. So how about let me shared about my part time work , and by the way I'm not working as engineer but 'makcik cleaner'..hehehe.

Taaaraaa, inilah  launderettes yg aku gempar-gempur tu.( at Weston Road, Stafford)

  So launderettes itself mean self-laundry facilities or normally it being called as launderettes, especially in UK. So every single day before 7pm, makcik temah nie akan membawa 'RXZ'  menuju ke launderettes untuk melaksanakan tugas saya dengan berjayanya.Well koja aku nie tak lama pon paling kuat 1 jam paling singkat 10 minutes, semua bergantung kadar kebersihan kedai dan mesin.

  bayang-bayang aku masa menunggang 'RXZ' ku..
Practically this launderettes were operates based on two system, washing and drying and yes it is combination between coin and self operates facilities.ok enough with wording stories I will showed the picture of the  launderettes.piece..Tubez_gizl. :p

washing machine
This is how softener and detergent being sell here.  

Drying machine
erm..just will be used if the washed cloth/gourmet is soaked.Practically function as spinner.

Haa'a this how he is said sorry .

First Greeting from Tubez_gizl.

Assalamulaikum..Finally after 2 years of membaca others blog , finally  produced my very own blog. Itu pun setelah aku ' invested'  learned how to made blog thru other blogs and youtube, well no one can denied power of youtube right.Lama benor kan aku berfikir before actually executed it.Sebenarnya aku nie baru ja habis hantar dissertation, so in other word it mean finally I will graduate and be back for good soon.And sementara dok tunggu ketibaan famili aku ke bumi UK nie, aku ingat lebih baek berjinak2 dlm membuat blog nie.So kalau ada salah dan kekurangan tulung comment ye.  

Sebelum nie otak aku hanya dok pikiaq these word 'refrigerator' , 'heat exchanger' , 'efficiency' , thermal input' , and so on..sampai kadang aku terbawa2 ke bilik mandi dan masa makan.Like i said before it part of my past now.Erm did it occurs to you why 'caramel macchiato and croissant' ?It not my fav. meal , but how this three word had gave influenced in my live.Before I came to UK, the only drink that is Milo ais or Neslo and any 'kuih' that sweet *(kene ada inti yg manis) , never ever  think of I will ever consumed this kind of  food, apart from the price is expensive it also bitter and tasteless in taste. Nowdays I would prefer hot drink which less sugar or without it . For me it is represent of me , the way how I'm facing my live, faced the world up there. Previously  I just loved any movie or novel with end with happy story like cinderella , sleeping beauty ,she the man ...so on with my lists.Not ever once go to any stories that end with sad or unexpected . Well now I gradually began to  exposed myself  to read other kind of book and movie which , back 5 years ago I consider it as boringggg.There a lot for me to be learn, and weakness to be encounter , like I stated before just like empty book that need to be fill up .Wow too much of melodrama right, I will stop here.

So, why I want to blogs?And it is  for very simple reason ,before this I always spent my time  to read others blog and always being inspired by them effort to gave knowledge regardless, either it is knowledgeable  or gossips. So enjoy my ride and hope you will like it. - AdiĆ³s Tubez_gizl.