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2 become 1
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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Laundry..Oh laundry

For past 3 years or almost stafford had serves me beautifully as my hometown a.k.a kampung, but I'm will back to bayan baru this coming bulan puasa, EXCITED!!. And I also being working as ' floor engineer'  at local launderettes  in Weston Road, Stafford. So how about let me shared about my part time work , and by the way I'm not working as engineer but 'makcik cleaner'..hehehe.

Taaaraaa, inilah  launderettes yg aku gempar-gempur tu.( at Weston Road, Stafford)

  So launderettes itself mean self-laundry facilities or normally it being called as launderettes, especially in UK. So every single day before 7pm, makcik temah nie akan membawa 'RXZ'  menuju ke launderettes untuk melaksanakan tugas saya dengan berjayanya.Well koja aku nie tak lama pon paling kuat 1 jam paling singkat 10 minutes, semua bergantung kadar kebersihan kedai dan mesin.

  bayang-bayang aku masa menunggang 'RXZ' ku..
Practically this launderettes were operates based on two system, washing and drying and yes it is combination between coin and self operates facilities.ok enough with wording stories I will showed the picture of the  launderettes.piece..Tubez_gizl. :p

washing machine
This is how softener and detergent being sell here.  

Drying machine
erm..just will be used if the washed cloth/gourmet is soaked.Practically function as spinner.

Haa'a this how he is said sorry .


  1. beb,mantaplah rxz.. :)

    good that you already writing a blog,as this would reminisce your sweet & bitter lifetime in stafford..can't believe you'll be going soon.waa..sape nak kacau aku lagi nanti? Y_Y

    what about the seasonal job in asda,Gap's cleaner and temporary teacher on last summer?we'd love to read that okeyyy!

  2. wah! thanks for support nanti aku cari all pic pasal part time aku tu..blh gak jd ideal utk next entry

  3. hai shiela.. :)

    sy baru tahu blog shiela, dpt dari link yg k.ninie ltk.. TQ k.ninie..

    bagus2, lepas ni bole bc cerita & pengalaman shiela pula.. dah lama dok uk mesti lagi byk cerita.. ;) Best2... :)

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